Employment Law Updates – Criminal Convictions and Sexual Harassment 


Criminal Convictions  A change in law will reduce the time people with criminal convictions are required to declare them. This will relate to the declaring of convictions to potential employers, [...]

Employment Law Updates – Criminal Convictions and Sexual Harassment 2023-11-04T10:57:00+00:00

Flexible Working


Flexible Working Requests One area we are often asked to support with is flexible working requests. A survey undertaken last year found that 82% of UK business leaders believe flexibility [...]

Flexible Working2023-11-04T10:54:43+00:00

Rise in Redundancy


Will there be a rise in redundancies over the winter? Current predictions are forecasting a sharp rise in the number of planned redundancies in the UK. There are many factors [...]

Rise in Redundancy2023-09-24T16:12:03+00:00

Absence and Types of Leave


The most common reasons for employees to be absent from work are sickness, or annual leave.However, there are various other types of absence that you may come across requests for. [...]

Absence and Types of Leave2023-08-14T17:05:16+00:00

Heat Waves


As an employer you have a duty of care to your staff to maintain their safety at work, and though there are no legal limits set for maximum safe working [...]

Heat Waves2023-08-03T16:24:58+00:00

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Pride Month 2023


Every year, the month of June sees countries across the world celebrate Pride Month. This month is dedicated to the celebration and commemoration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride. [...]

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Pride Month 20232023-06-21T16:26:28+00:00

Subject Access Requests – New Guidance for Employers


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have published new guidance for employers dealing with Subject Access Requests, which highlight some common misunderstandings and mistakes.   Under the UK’s Data Protection Regulations, [...]

Subject Access Requests – New Guidance for Employers2023-06-21T16:12:04+00:00

Proposed Changes to Legislation


You may have seen some articles in the news recently regarding proposed changes to legislation in the UK. Many of the legislation changes have been announced in a recent policy [...]

Proposed Changes to Legislation2023-06-21T16:27:32+00:00