Managers Training

Our managers training programme covers one topic a month, for six months. You can attend as few, or as many, sessions as you wish.
Courses are delivered in person (Clacton, CO15), and also remotely via Zoom on a separate date. Sessions run from 9.30-4.30, with in-person courses including lunch.

All courses include workbooks, discussions and the opportunity to network.
Courses are priced at £149 per person, per day. Discounts are available for clients who book all 6 sessions (with a discounted price of £760 for all sessions.

Please email for more information

General Management (HR and the Law)

• The rights of employees and employers

• Consultation skills

• Following fair and transparent processes

• Legal reasons for dismissal

• Managing your team effectively

• Why is good HR management important

• Managing change (including redundancy, TUPE)

In Person – Monday 4th July 2024

Online – Thursday 25th July 2024

Recruitment and Selection

• Fair recruitment and selection

• Laws and proper process

• Interview skills for managers

• The full process from advertising your vacancy to induction

• Managing probation

• Right to work and pre-employment checks

In Person – Monday 5th August 2024

Online – Thursday 29th August 2024

Disciplinary and Grievance

• What are disciplinary and grievance situations

• How to manage cases fairly

• What does the law say (the statutory process)

• Possible outcomes and making decisions

• The process of conducting meetings

• Informal management

• Formal management

In Person – Monday 2nd September 2024

Online – Thursday 26th September 2024

Absence Management

• Managing absence in the right way

• Short term absence

• Long term absence

• Capability

• Managing attendance rather than absence

• Proactive measures for managing sickness

• Types of absence

• Non sickness absence – ie family leave, carers leave, bereavement leave

In Person – Monday 7th October 2024

Online – Thursday 31st October 2024

Performance Management

• Your responsibilities as a leader

• Formal and informal management

• How to manage standards and expectations

• What to do if performance falls below standards

• What can affect individual’s performance

• Different motivation types

• Setting action plans and measuring objectives

In Person – Monday 4th November 2024

Online – Thursday 28th November 2024

Leadership Styles and Managing Difficult Conversations

• Leadership styles

• How do different personality profiles affect behavior and relationships

• What is your personality type

• Managing difficult conversations

• Confidence to take ownership of, and resolve, challenging situations

• Giving feedback

In Person – Monday 2nd December 2024

Online – Thursday 19th December 2024